Musings on the Upcoming Hardware Guide

First, I hope everyone had a Happy Passover, Easter, or any other holiday you were celebrating this weekend. I know a lot of you were hoping to see the start of the hardware guide this weekend. Unfortunately, due to family being in town and the holidays I didn’t have time write it this week. Instead, I’m going to basically write my musings on what I foresee for the hardware guide. On to that.

I basically the see the hardware guide as three different sections.

  • A list of hardware – This will be the first section of the guide. I see this section being a single post. In it I will detail the hardware I am currently running and maybe what the top of the line looks like. I don’t expect a lot of detail, it will basically serve as a parts list and table of contents that I can easily update as hardware advances and changes
  • Component Discussion – This is where I see the meat of the guide being. Currently I have thoughts of doing a post discussing each major component and possibly some trade offs.
  • Assembly – I don’t see this being that long. Probably a single post instructing how to put everything together.

So that’s what I see for the hardware guide. None of it is set in stone as I don’t have a clear picture in my head of what I want with the hardware guide. If any of you have thoughts or comments on what you would like to see or how it should be laid out, please comment. I would love to hear from you.

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